ALL CLASSES RUN FOR AN 8 WEEK SESSION. EACH CLASS IS 1 HOUR. COST IS $160 FOR AN 8 WEEK SESSION Please note: You come once a week for 8 weeks. You pick the day and time of your class and that remains the day and time you attend class for your 8 week session. Check out SCHEDULE page for what is offered each session. Alcohol consumption prior to class NOT permitted. This is a vigorous workout. Anyone under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave and money will not be refunded. For safety and insurance purposes, children are NOT permitted in Pole Play. Beginner Level 1: Beginner Pole DANCE. Everyone interested in taking pole classes, regardless of dance background, must start at this level. In this class you will learn a cardio-dance warm-up, proper stretching techniques, strength training exercises, and basic/beginner dance moves. Beginner Level 2: Beginner Pole SPINS. In this class you will up your cardio and strength workout by learning to perform pole spins and inversions(going upside down) with a focus on safety and proper dance technique. Intermediate Pole: This class is a step up from the beginner levels as it introduces more challenging spins, inversions and technique along with strength training to prepare students for Advanced Level Pole. Advanced Pole: Once you have mastered beginner and intermediate levels, Advanced Pole offers an even more challenging workout that includes intense upper and core strength training, gymnastic oriented skills and complex spinning combinations. BOOT CAMP Conditioning Workout: This class is open to all levels and consists of 60 minutes of intense conditioning utilizing the pole as workout apparatus. Great for STRENGTH TRAINING, muscle toning, flexibility and body shaping. Cardio Go-Go Dancing Workout: This is a super fun and easy dance class that incorporates 1960's type go-go dancing with high energy choreographed routines designed for weight loss. Chair Dance Workout: Sexy and sassy workout. Using a chair and sultry choreographed routines, students will tone muscles and increase flexibility and confidence! Burlesque Dance Workout: Touching on the themes of classic 1930's-1950's burlesque, this class teaches the 'art of the tease' as a muscle-toning and cardio-vascular workout, incorporating modern "Pussy Cat Doll" style dance routines. Cardio Hula-Hoop: We'll having you hula-hooping like a pro in the first week! Using adult sized and weighted hula-hoops, you will learn multiple tricks with your hoop for an entire body workout that's unique to anything you've ever done! Great for flattening your stomach. Booty Pop Getting your ass to dance like it’s a separate entity from your body requires skill, determination and hard work. In this class you will learn to shimmy, shake, booty pop and ass clap like a girl in a rap video. Great leg, ab, low back and butt workout! Please wear workout attire to class. Lap Dance Class Lap dancing is more than just grinding on a dude and whipping your hair around. It's also a killer abdominal and lower body workout! You will learn tricks and techniques of the pro's all while toning and sculpting your body. With a bit of practice, you can gain the confidence and skill to perform for a significant other! See the schedule tab for pricing and registration details