Bachelorette/Birthday/Girls Night Out Private Parties

Pole Play offers parties for bachelorettes, girl's night out fun, birthday girls, or anyone with a reason to have fun and be sexy! Please book 3-4 weeks in advance so we can secure an instructor. Pole Play can accommodate up to 20 guests per party.

COST: Flat rate of $255 for a 1 hour party. $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit required upon booking (cash, check, credit card-see below). $155 balance is due in CASH upon arrival to party. HOW TO BOOK and PAY: Pick the day and time you want your party (listed below). Parties may be booked outside these times for an additional fee of $25.
PAYMENT OPTIONS: This website is NOT set up to take payments online.

1. CHECK - Mail in a check or money order made out to Pole Play for $100 deposit at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Include your first and last name, the day and time of the party you are booking, your phone number and email address. You will receive written confirmation once we receive you deposit.

2. CASH - Stop by Pole Play (1444 Hertel Avenue) during business hours Monday - Thursday 6-8pm with cash, or leave cash in a sealed envelope in our lockbox. Cash payments must be in a sealed envelope and Include your first and last name, the day and time of the party you are booking, your phone number and email address.

3. CREDIT CARD - Email Chelsea your phone number to Chelsea will call you to run your CC over the phone. We accept VISA, MC and Discover.

Once we receive your deposit, your party date/time will be reserved and you will receive confirmation via email.


Friday February 12: 6-7pm - OPEN
Friday February 12: 7-8pm - OPEN
Friday February 12: 8-9pm - OPEN

Saturday February 13: 5-6pm - OPEN
Saturday February 13: 6-7pm - OPEN
Saturday February 13: 7-8pm - OPEN

Friday February 19: 6-7pm - OPEN
Friday February 19: 7-8pm - OPEN
Friday February 19: 8-9pm - OPEN

Saturday February 20: 5-6pm - OPEN
Saturday February 20: 6-7pm - OPEN
Saturday February 20: 7-8pm - OPEN

Friday February 26: 7-8pm - OPEN
Friday February 26: 8-9pm - OPEN

Saturday February 27: 5-6pm - OPEN
Saturday February 27: 6-7pm - OPEN
Saturday February 27: 7-8pm - OPEN

Friday March 4-Saturday March 5 STUDIO CLOSED

Friday March 11: 6-7pm - BOOKED FOR BJ WORKSHOP
Friday March 11: 7-8pm - OPEN
Friday March 11: 8-9pm - OPEN

Saturday March 12: 5-6pm - OPEN
Saturday March 12: 6-7pm - OPEN
Saturday March 12: 7-8pm - OPEN

Friday March 18: 6-7pm - OPEN
Friday March 18: 7-8pm - OPEN
Friday March 18: 8-9pm - OPEN

Saturday March 19: 6-7pm - OPEN
Saturday March 19: 7-8pm - BOOKED for Cheryl
Saturday March 19: 8-9pm - BOOKED for Rachel

Friday March 25: 6-7pm - OPEN
Friday March 25: 7-8pm - OPEN
Friday March 25: 8-9pm - OPEN

Saturday March 26: 5-6pm - OPEN
Saturday March 26: 6-7pm - OPEN
Saturday March 26: 7-8pm - OPEN


BEFORE THE PARTY: The doors will open 2 minutes your scheduled time slot. Please have guests arrive on time. Parties will not run over your scheduled time if you or your guests arrive late. Please tell guests to allow time to find parking, as Hertel Ave is very busy on weekends and parking can be challenging to find. Please tell your guests that there is a changing room so wear/bring workout attire to the party(shorts are best). We dance in socks or bare feet. Jewelry is not permitted on the poles, this includes wedding rings! For safety purposes, alcohol consumption is PROHIBITED prior to a party, and is not permitted in Pole Play during parties. (Please keep in mind that pole dancing, although fun, is a physical workout). Anyone under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted in Pole Play and money will not be refunded. DURING THE PARTY: Guests will be asked to sign a waiver upon arrival. Pregnant party guests can participate in some of the dancing, but are strongly discouraged from climbing the poles and performing spins. We begin the party with a dance warm up, sharing 5 poles. You will learn how to climb the poles & perform sexy dance moves and a few beginner spins. At the end of the party we will put all our pole skills together and perform a group dance. Time is left to take group pictures at the end. CAMERAS are allowed, so don't forget them!