Each month Pole Play offers a different workshop or one-time teaser class. The cost is $25 per Workshop. All workshops at Pole Play have limited class size, so you must be paid in advance to hold your spot.

TO REGISTER: Send a check or money order to Pole Play @ 1444 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216. Be sure to include with your payment: Your first and last name, a contact phone number, EMAIL ADDRESS and the name(s) of the Workshop(s) you're signing up for. OR you can bring a cash payment into the studio in a sealed envelope labeled with the contact info listed above, and put it in our mailbox. We will confirm with you once you are signed up.
Please be on time
NO alcohol consumption before class or you will not be permitted to participate and money will not be refunded. Children are not permitted at any Pole Play class

WORKSHOPS All dances are designed for NON-DANCERS, up to any level. There is NO nudity in these classes. Any stripteases will involve you wearing your practice lingerie OVER workout attire.

SANTA BABY Striptease Chair Dance - give him the best Christmas gift ever! (Open)

Friday, December 11, 7-8pm

Please bring the following items for the striptease (to be worn OVER workout attire):

Gloves, heels, robe, santa hat, skirt, bra

Mail payments in to Pole Play @ 1444 Hertel Avenue, Bflo, NY 14216. Include your full name and what you are signing up for in a note, and be sure to include an email address so I can confirm in writing that I received your payment!
Cash payments can be brought to Pole Play during business hours 6-8pm Mon - Thurs. Please have your money in a sealed envelope with your name, email, phone # and what you are registering for on the envelope so I can confirm.